Q: Why can't I share the avatars at all? 

A: The restriction on sharing the avatars is in place to prevent unauthorized distribution and maintain the value and exclusivity of the product. By limiting sharing, we can ensure that the product remains unique and prevent it from being widely accessible without permission.

Q: Can I use the avatars for V-Tubing or Content Creation? 

A: Yes, you are allowed to use the avatars for V-Tubing or content creation purposes. However, we kindly request that you give proper credit to our store page or the creator of the model when using it in your content. Crediting helps support creators and acknowledges their efforts.

Q: Can I use your avatars for adult content creation? 

A: No, the use of our avatars for adult content creation is strictly prohibited. Our products are intended for general and appropriate use, and we do not endorse or support their use in explicit or adult content.

Q: Why do you collect my Discord tag and VRChat name? 

A: We collect your Discord tag and VRChat name for specific purposes. Your Discord tag allows us to provide you with special roles or access within our Discord community, which may include exclusive content, updates, or support. The collection of your VRChat name helps us verify ownership of the model in-game and ensure proper usage and protection of our intellectual property.

Q: Why are the packages non-refundable? 

A: The non-refundable policy is in place due to the nature of digital products. Once the product is downloaded or accessed, it becomes owned forever, making it impossible to return or resell. However, if you encounter significant issues with the product that cannot be resolved by us, a refund may be issued on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to our support team with any concerns you may have.