Why can't I share the packages at all?

It's to decrease the likelihood that the packages are shared in general, as those who receive packages for free are more likely to share them to others. Most packages that end up in mass-sharing Discords or websites originate from those who have received the package for free, either from a giveaway or from a friend who trusted them to not share it.

Can I use the avatars for Vtubing / for content creation? (ie Tik Tok, Youtube, Twitch, etc)

Yes. Just don't claim or act like you made them yourself, and please give credit where you can. Something as simple as saying "Nawty from Gumroad" would do the trick.

Can I use your avatars for adult content creation / Why don't your avatars have DPS on them?

No, you cannot use them for adult content creation. They're not sexually oriented and therefor shouldn't be used as such. See the third paragraph on this page here: https://help.gumroad.com/article/156-gumroad-and-adult-content and the Digital Goods bullet point on this page here: https://www.paypal.com/mq/smarthelp/article/what-is-paypal%E2%80%99s-policy-on-transactions-that-involve-sexually-oriented-goods-and-services-faq569

Why do you collect my Discord ID and IGN?

I collect this information to give the supporter roles in my Discord, and to verify ownership of the model in game. VRChat allows for copyrighted content to be removed if explicit permission isn't given to upload it, hence the "The above information is accurate and I have the rights to upload this content to VRChat" checkbox you must click before uploading.

Why aren't the packages refundable?

Unlike many other things that are refundable online, once you own a digital product you own it forever, there's no way to "return" it. If there's any problems substantial enough to warrant a refund, please contact me for help. If I can't help you fix the problem, a refund will be issued.